B. Dicker

I have complete confidence in Caroline's expertise, everything was carried out professionally and efficiently, whilst at the same time Caroline was also very sensitive to how I was feeling throughout the process. She is so kind and caring, and did everything to ensure I will be offered all the help and support I need in the future, and has also suggested strategies personal to my case of dyslexia.

It is such a huge relief for me now knowing that I can progress forward without feeling the kind of frustration and disappointment in myself I have experienced prior to this point. With Caroline's help and encouragement, everything has been fully explained to me and I now feel I will be supported to allow me to achieve my full potential.

I really can't thank Caroline enough for all that she has done, not only for what she has done for me within this entire process itself, but also for giving me the confidence boost and positivity to move forward towards university and anything I come to face in the future.