I think that my child has dyslexia what do I do?

If you think that your child might be dyslexic, the first step is to talk to your child’s school and the SENCO. You may be able to get your child tested through the school. However, you may have to wait a long time for this to happen or your school may not think that it is appropriate.


Is the dyslexia test funded by the NHS?

Dyslexia reports and assessments are not normally funded by the NHS. There have been a few cases that have been funded due to serious mental health issues.


Can a doctor diagnose dyslexia?

Dyslexia is not included in medical training and a GP would not typically have the details of suitable dyslexia assessors.


What enables someone to test and diagnose dyslexia?

Full diagnostic assessments can be undertaken by Chartered Psychologists focusing in dyslexia. Assessments can also be undertaken by a suitably qualified specialist dyslexia teacher with an Assessment Practicing Certificate. At Dyslexia Assistance, Caroline has a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), AMBDA (Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association) status as well as her APC (Assessment Practicing Certificate). She also has over twenty years teaching experience and is a member of the Hampshire Dyslexia Association, PATOSS and the British Dyslexia Association.

What does the dyslexia test involve? How is dyslexia diagnosed?

The dyslexia test takes two to three hours. Caroline, who is CRB checked, will come to your house and complete a range of dyslexia assessments. A confidential report with recommendations will then be sent within two weeks.


Are there many places that test for dyslexia in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex?

When researching ‘Dyslexia Assessments Surrey, Hampshire or West Sussex’ a wealth of assessors can be located. At Dyslexia Assistance, Caroline is a member of the British Dyslexia Association and PATOSS and is on their list of qualified assessors. She is also on the Hampshire Dyslexia Association qualified assessors list.


How much does the dyslexia test cost?

Dyslexia Assistance has very competitive fees for an assessment. Fees may increase depending on travel distance and location within Surrey, Hampshire or West Sussex. Please contact Dyslexia Assistance for details.


What help can a dyslexic student be offered in examinations?

Applications for access arrangements are undertaken by a qualified dyslexia assessor with a Practicing Certificate. Caroline can assess for examination access arrangements and Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA).

Caroline (in collaboration with the school or college) is also able to complete the Form 8. The Form 8 is needed to allow for access arrangements in examinations. Please contact Dyslexia Assistance for more details.


How do I get a Disabled Students Allowance Assessment (DSA)?

To apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), a specialist diagnostic assessment is required for evidence of their Specific Learning Difficulty, such as dyslexia.

The assessment must be undertaken when the student is aged 16 or over. Caroline is qualified and experienced in this area. Please contact Dyslexia Assistance for more information.